robo-mortgage advisers?

(August 14, 2017, posted in Mortgage misc)

Robert McLister, BBA, is the founder of mortgage rate comparison website, Editor of Canadian Mortgage Trends and a mortgage planner at Robert analyzes mortgage rates and writes about a range of issues impacting mortgage consumers and today, in the Globe and Mail wrote the following.....

The leaders of the mortgage industry will soon be those at the top of the Google... read more.

townhome activity

(August 11, 2017, posted in West Vancouver Strata)

changing trends in demand

(August 10, 2017, posted in Vancouver Metro Real Estate)

Metro Vancouver housing market saw few sales and more listings this past July.

To understand what's going on let's look at four key indicators:
  1. Sales
  2. Listings
  3. Sales-To-Active Listings Ratio 
  4. Home prices

home sales

REALTOR®'s registered 2,960 sales on our MLS® last month.  This is down about -8% from  last year (July 2016) and less than 1% above the 10 year July average.

Home listings that supply house dema... read more.

outpacing other property types

(August 09, 2017, posted in North Vancouver Strata)

dip simply a blib?

(August 08, 2017, posted in Vancouver Metro Real Estate)

With recent price declines in Canada's hot real estate markets, there's been talk of a slowdown. But, so far, it's hardly something for prospective buyers to get excited about.

While prices did drop after the introduction of a foreign homebuyers tax in Vancouver last year, they're once again surging to new highs.

In Toronto, both prices and sales have taken a dive since the same type of tax came int... read more.