greater market balance

(March 28, 2018, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

In North Vancouver February sale totals for detached homes decreased 34% from February 2017 and 37% below the 10 year monthly sales average of 92.  Furthermore, total year-to-date home sales at the end of February were down 28.5% compared to same two months last year.

New house listings increased 10.5% and total active listings at month-end were up 26%. At this time, this has resulted in greater bal... read more.

short-term sales slowdown?

(February 10, 2018, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

North Vancouver January 30 house sales were

  • down 14% from January 2017, 
  • down 57% from December and 
  • down 67% from the 10 year monthly sale average.
End of January the 281 NV homes actively listed for sale was
  • up 6% from January 2017,
  • up 7% from December and
  • down 17% from the 10 year monthly inventory average.
North Vancouver January new listings totals,140 detached homes was
  • up 2% from January 2017,
  • up 198... read more.

2017 prices edged up

(January 05, 2018, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

North Vancouver (NV) housing market activity ended 2017 with detached house sales off 15% from 2016 and down 29% from 2016.  2016 holds the record for the greatest number of detached house sales in the past ten years!

2017 new listings totaled 1,929, down 2.7% from 2016 and 6% above the 10 year average.

NV house prices continued to rise throughout 2017.  2017 and 2016 year averages show the:

good time to take advantage

(November 08, 2017, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

While North Vancouver detached houses saw an increase in sales over Oct 2016, up 30.6%, they fell behind the 10 year monthly average (93 sales) by approximately 13%. The absorption rate was 22%,, fringe of a seller's market, edging towards a balanced market (a balanced market is indicated by a sales-to-active listings ratio between 12% and 20%). 

North Vancouver's October Home Price Index of a singl... read more.

record level home prices

(October 09, 2017, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

For now, North Vancouver home prices remain at record levels.

If you are one of many homeowners who is debating selling your home and are wondering how much equity you have accumulated, reach out to us to help you determine if now is the time to list!

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