supply outstrips demand

(March 26, 2018, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

West Vancouver detached house transactions in February jumped from the month before, 24 versus 15 respectively, yet sales were 62.5% below the 10 year monthly average of 64.
In addition, house YTD sales, that is, from January 1 to February 28, were down 30% from same period in 2017.

New listings increased 34.5% and total inventory to month-end were up 24%.

The sales-to-new listings ratio for February... read more.

more house selection

(February 12, 2018, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

In West Vancouver 15 January detached house sales were

  • down 28.5% from same month a year ago,
  • down 50% from the month before, December 2017 and
  • down 76% from the 10 year monthly sales average.
The 441 WV homes actively listed for sale at the end of this January was
  • up 14.5% from January 2017,
  • up 2% from December and
  • down 10% from the 10 year month inventory average.
WV January new listing totals, 136, was... read more.

2017 sales diminished but prices strong

(January 04, 2018, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

West Vancouver (WV) total 2017 house sales were down 38% from 2016 and 52% from 2015.  Furthermore, 2017 sale total were the second lowest in the past ten years (511 in 2017 vs 460 in 2008).

No matter which way you look at it, WV house prices held strong!   2017 versus 2016 year averages show the following:
  • House Price Index $3,066,625 and $3,062,483 respectively,
  • Median Price $3,094,000 and $3,092,458... read more.

firmly a buyer's market

(November 05, 2017, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

Several factors influence the housing market, including mortgage interest rates, inflation, employment, investment, construction, immigration, government assistance programs, and the health of local and world economies. All of these influence the supply and demand of the market which, in turn, affects prices.

There are three classifications experts use to describe the balance of supply and demand i... read more.

fall market dynamics

(October 08, 2017, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

Real estate is local. 

If you are thinking about buying OR selling this fall, sit with a local real estate professional who can share with you the exact market conditions in your area!



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