Housing Market Update

April 17th, 2019

BC home sales fell 23% year over year in March to 5700 units as BC home sales continue continue to be adversely impacted by federal mortgage policy.  The erosion of affordability caused by the B20 Stress Test has created near recession level housing demand despite the province boasting the lowest employment rates in a decade.

Total active listings on the market were up 36% from the same mon ...

2019 forecasts for b.c.'s real estate

January 1st, 2019
2018 was an extremely taxing – quite literally – year for B.C. real estate, in which taxation measures and other government interventions slowed down market activity considerably and creating a softening in average sale prices.

So what will the forthcoming year hold? A further sales slowdown, a plateau, or a recovery? Falling or rising prices?

As ever, industry organizations, brokerages and ...