Dundarave ~ west vancouver


Compared to  Ambleside's 4 August house sales, Dundarave totaled 3.  Dundarave house sale totals were the same as the month before (3) and up 1 house sale from August 2016.

Dundarave apartment sales totaled  6 compared to Ambleside's 11.  Dundarave at anytime has limited apartment options compared to the concentrated Ambleside area.  As a result, there were no apartment sales July 2017 nor August 2016.

Townhome options are extremely limited in both Ambleside and Dundarave.   Consequently no sales in either location in August 2017.

Total number of houses for sale end of August totaled 51 in Ambleside and 32 in Dundarave, 13 Ambleside apartments versus 7 in Dundarave and 0 Ambleside townhomes however 2 in Dundarave. Inventory numbers in both neighborhoods no matter what property type, are not too different compared to same month in 2016 and both down from July a titch!

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