North shore numbers trend

Vancouver's North Shore (North Vancouver and West Vancouver) residential sales and prices finished mid-year overall on an upward trend compared to the first six months of last year.

However a close look at the past month of June shows slight variations with both residential sales and prices compared to the month before.

North Vancouver (NV)
  • detached home sales down -6.9% and median price up +0.50%
  • attached homes (townhomes and apartments) up +6.20% and median price down -4.68%
West Vancouver (WV)
  • detached home sales up +14.81% and median sale price down -6.52%
  • attached home sales up +13.64% and median sale price up +7.10%

NV's residential June market flirted with seller market conditions with a
  • 39% sales ratio average (SRA), that is, 3.9 in 10 detached homes selling and
  • 23% SRA, 2.3 attached homes selling whereas
West Vancouver residential market conditions showed balance with
  • 18% SRA, 1.8 detached homes selling and
  • 16% SRA, 1.6 attached homes selling.
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver catagorizes North Vancouver and West Vancouver into the following sub-areas.

North Vancouver includes Blueridge, Boulevard, Braemer, Calverhall, Canyon Heights, Capilano, Central Lonsdale, Deep Cove, Delbrook, Dollarton, Edgemont, Forest Hills, Grousewoods, Hamilton, Hamilton Heights, Indian Arm, Lower Lonsdale, Lynn Valley, Lynnmour, Norgate, Northlands, Pemberton, Princess Park, Queensbury, Roche Point, Seymour, Tempe, Upper Delbrook, Upper Lonsdale, Westlynn, Westlynn Terrace, Windsor Park, and Woodlands-Sunshine Cascade.

West Vancouver consists of Altamont, Ambleside, Bayridge, British Properties, Canterbury, Caulfield, Cedardale, Chartwell, Chelsea Park, Cypress, Cypress Park Estates, Deer Ridge, Dundarave, Eagle Harbour, Eagleridge, Furry Creek, Gleneagles, Glenmore, Horseshoe Bay, Howe Sound, Lions Bay, Old Caulfield, Panorama Village, Park Royal, Porteau Cove, Queens, Rockridge, Sandy Cove, Sentinel Hill, Upper Caulfield, West Bay, Westhill, Westmount, Whitbey Estates, and Whytecliff.
North Vancouver totalled 720 detached home sales by mid-year (135 for the month of June 2014):
  • Lynn Valley 96 (17)
  • Canyon Heights 78 (19)
  • Upper Lonsdale 68 (12)
  • Central Lonsdale 40 (8)
  • Edgemont 33 (6)
West Vancouver 423 (93 June 2014):
  • British Properties 63 (13)
  • Ambleside 57 (12)
  • Dundarave 40 (9)
  • Caulfield 33 (9)
  • Chartwell 20 (3)
In spite of 'slight' month-to-month ups and downs, the real North Shore residential market picture for the first six months of the year has shown steadily improving month-to-month sales except NV detached homes edged down a titch in June.  Residential median sale prices modestly moved up and down each month since January but still over 'strong'  compared to previous years.

Economists of Canada's big banks recently have expressed concerns about the run-up in home prices in a few runaway markets such as Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Quebec City.  Check out what they have to here!

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