prices continue to elevate

West Vancouver's July and August dip in home sales was not unexpected as sales are generally slower in the summer months:
  • 41 resale (& 3 new) homes in January
  • 59 (4) in February,
  • 60, (2) in March,
  • 76 (1) in April,
  • 80 (2) in May,
  • 88 (6) in June,
  • 69 (1) in July and
  • 70 (2) in August.
However the sale numbers for the first eights months of the year is greater that we seen for the past decade except for 2011's phenomenal numbers!

Combining both West Vancouver resale and new home sale numbers they are up +14.9% compared to the same months in 2013.

West Vancouver home prices continue to elevate in spite of edging on buyers' and balanced market conditions since the beginning of the year.

Monthly Median Sale price for Resale (& New) Homes:
  • $2,124,500 ($3,417,495) January,
  • $2,535,461 ($4,439,500) February,
  • $2,473,190 ($2,835,000) March,
  • $2,359,829 (2,525,000) April,
  • $2,500,500 ($5,081,375) May,
  • $2,500,036 ($4,067,405) June,
  • $2,528,958 ($3,530,000) July
  • $2335,410 ($4,130,000) August
$2,080,000 is the ytd January to August median sale price for West Vancouver detached homes (includes both resale & new), up +12.4% from last years $1,850,000.

The total inventory count at the end of August was 502 resale homes and 38 new homes compared to same month last year, 563 and 39 respectively.

West Vancouver started the year in sellers' market conditions and then has been edging between balanced and buyers' market territory each month.  August ended with balanced market conditions,  a 15% Sales Ratio average, 1.5 in 10 homes selling.

YTD average Sales ratio is 14% pulling conditions overall into a buyers' market.

West Vancouver's most active price range is between $1.7mil to $2mil with average 48% Sales Ratio, that is 4.8 in 10 homes selling characterizing sellers' market conditions.

Currently 509 homes for sale.  Here is what it takes $-wise to buy into West Vancouver:

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