Slow Fall market start

The number of North Shore properties that changed hands in Vancouver's North Shore, West Vancouver (WV) and North Vancouver (NV), during the first two weeks of September is less compared to last year:
  • down -56% for North Vancouver detached (houses), -40.5% for NV attached (strata),
  • down -46% for West Vancouver detached and -33% for attached.

Though the past two weeks has been one of the weakest September sale number totals in the past five years, the year-to-date sales are up! 
  • North Vancouver detached sales are up +15%, attached +13%, West Vancouver detached up +6% except attached down -3% compared to 2013's ytd.
  • North Vancouver 2014 ytd detached sale totals come out ahead of the past 5 years and just edged over 2011's by +0.5%.  West Vancouver 2014 ytd detached sale totals are stronger than last year but still runs second behind 2011's totals.

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver shows current inventory numbers as:
  • 302 North Vancouver detached homes for sale and
  • 509 in West Vancouver.
  • 585 North Vancouver attached homes for sale, and
  • 176 in West Vancouver
Check out the graph showing the trend of properties available for sale at the end of a given month since 2009. 

Total inventory this past August compared to same month last year shows:
  •  North Vancouver 324 detached inventory was down -21% and West Vancouver's 544 down -9.6%.
  • 89 North Vancouver and 33 West Vancouver town home selection was down -26.4%  and -2.9% respectively.
  • 469 North Vancouver and 131 West Vancouver apartments down -3.7% and -3% respectively.

Time will tell if the North Shore's Fall market will spring into gear as it cyclically has in past years!