Merry christmas!

I just received this email Christmas Poem from local lawyer Tony Spagnuolo.  For sixteen years Tony annually takes to pen and creates these great, clever Christmas poems....ENJOY and thank you Tony 

2014 Christmas Poem

'Twas a week before Christmas, when all through the firm,
the office still busy, as we shall soon learn;
But why is it so, why is the market so strong,
the markets will slow, say the experts, always wrong;
Tony thought of this year, the good and the bad,
then googled world events, so many, so sad;
That made him think, his eye gained a twinkle, 
for he now knew, Vancouver's magic market sprinkle;
Think of the world, with all of its sorrow, 
issues galore, continuing well into tomorrow;
Ebola in Africa, war in Russia and Ukraine, 
276 school girls gone, their parents immense pain;
Perhaps the biggest issue of all, the world's biggest crisis, 
is something that we now know, simply as ISIS;
It is no wonder, for those from abroad, 
why they choose Vancouver to live, for they are awed;
Stability and natural scenery, great schools for their kids, 
real estate in Vancouver, they continually bid;
For we have no real issues, forget about bike lanes, 
in the grand scheme, minor are our pains;
Interest rates remain low, 40,000 each year moving in, 
our market quite strong, this is not a sin;
Will it continue, on this question some do sweat, 
and yet Vancouver just voted, next year's best bet;
So for those who struggle, for one reason or another,
think of your worldwide, sister or brother;
We are so blessed, to live where we do, 
on a world wide scale our troubles are few;
Keep this in mind, during the holiday season, 
people want to move here, for a very good reason;
Will the market stay strong, how can it not, 
so long as the rest of the world thinks, of us a good spot;
Not to diminish, our own daily struggles,
it is quite true, we all have our troubles;
But while you raise a glass, and offer a toast, 
always be thankful, and try not to boast;
Reach out to all, not so blessed by God, 
whether they are down the street, or they come from abroad;
As Tony rose from his desk, as he turned out the light,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night;

written by:
Tony Spagnuolo, Barrister & Solicitor
Spagnuolo & Company Lawyers
#300-906 Roderick Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3K 1R1
Direct Phone: 604-777-7406
Fax: 604-527-8976 

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