getting your green on

Spring is here on the west coast and it has got me thinking about the bounty of spring and summer vegetables soon to be hitting our supermarket shelves. It is a time of year I look forward to after several months of heavier foods, the lightness of what to come inspires me. With all those new veggies, there will also be an abundance of composting! This past year in British Columbia we have gone even more green, implementing a new program that asks us to separate all actual garbage from compostable garbage. Each household will be responsible for separating everything and disposing of it accordingly. I have had a small composter for some time now, but knowing the bounty ahead I was curious to look at a few more bin solutions that may be right for me. Perhaps one that is handy and easy to clean for the kitchen, and more attractive and perhaps modern outside depositories. The year has been ripe with new inventors filling up the shelves. Here are two of the best ones that I found.

The Greenlid

This is a brand new product will hopefully be across Canada shortly. I like it for its ease of use, its great shape and size and the fact that you can keep it clean easily. Designed and launched by two young brothers/entrepreneurs Morgan and Jackson Wyatt. These two have created a smart, sustainable easy to use product. As a new start up, they reached out to the ever smart investors on CBC’s The Dragon Den. They got their interest – and also got the kick start finances and promotion needed to cause a buzz in the Green World. This product is constructed from end-of-life recycled cardboard and newsprint, The It is leak resistant and has a scientific formula that mimics natural water-repelling structures found in nature. As a result, The Greenlid can hold four litres of the wettest organics and remain leak resistant for up to 10 days while remaining an attractive addition to your kitchen. A re-useable, dishwasher safe lids keeps smells locked away while The Greenlid is in use. I love that it is dishwasher safe! When placed in our compost facilities or home compost, The Greenlid will quickly break down, which certainly adds to the overall Eco-friendly nature of the product and quality of the compost, which eventually becomes useable soil. Here is a link to learn more about this great new product.

Earth Worms Make the Richest Compost!

Yes, worms. Worms in your kitchen no less! But hear me out, if you were to have a worm composter that does not smell, gets the kids excited about composting, and actually creates the best compost you can offer your garden wouldn’t you give it a whirl? A fantastic family project, and not nearly as ‘ick’ as it may seem. This process known as Vermicomposting allows for those of us who live in a condo to really get into the compost groove. Common kitchen waste, including papery onion and garlic skins, carrot tops, and coffee grounds, can all be composted year-round in an indoor worm bin. A worm bin can fit discreetly into a closet, garage, or pantry, making composting quick and convenient. Turning food scraps into compost, instead of sending them down the garbage disposal or to the curb, reduces the amount of organic material that ends up in local waste-water treatment plants and landfills and isn’t that what we all want in the end? You will need a specific worm called the Red Wiggler as they eat half their weight in food each day – so the consumption can stay high. Once these little guys get going they can easily take the compost of a family of four. Check out this link to learn how to build your own, or buy one ready made.
Make your own worm composter
Buy a worm composter

Hope you are feeling the excitement of the coming spring and summer and perhaps feel a little inspired to get your hands a wee bit dirty and get on with getting into the green!