summer on my mind

It is that time of year again.....

.....where we start to look towards long lazy weekends full of sun and fun. No matter what your kind of adventure is, you are sure to find it here in the lower mainland and surrounding areas. The beauty of this province still takes my breath away and I continue to find hidden gems and hideaways worth seeing or discovering again like it was my first time. Many memories come to mind, such as the weekends spent laying in a boat on Lake Oakanagan, dining Al Fresco in Deep Cove, or simply taking a leisurely drive to Steveston to greet the fisherman and see what we can ‘catch’ for dinner on the BBQ tonight. These memories get me thinking about where to next?

I have been looking about BC and there are so many wonderful places to go that you get to so quickly, especially with the help of a float plane. I hope these ideas will trigger some 'get up and go' in you as well and get your summer fun started before even the date on the calendar even tells us to! Here are two of my new favorites that I can’t wait to explore.


Nestled a short ferry ride away, in area ironically called the Sunshine Coast lays the seaside town of Sechelt. I say ironically because it was named that by a former city council that wanted to drum up tourism in one of the rainiest areas of the province during winter months. The name not only stuck, but it worked. Sechelt is actually attached to the lower mainland but due to current road and well, Mother Nature conditions, a ferry is the way to get there quick. The ferry, leaving a multitude of times from Horseshoe Bay each day, will let you will discover an elegant and yet distinctly rustic seaside town full of quaint shops and eateries. Many hotels and motels line this coastal gem, but I prefer to stay in the guest houses that are tucked amongst the trees, many of which offer privacy, a large deck facing the water and even a kayak or two. The tranquility and proximity to the city can’t be beat. The nearby town of Gibson’s offers us some fun diversions, and the area is well stocked with wonderful parks, hiking, and outdoor leisure activities. Even a day trip here will get those shoulders down from around your ears and making you feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of home.  
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Tofino has long since been an adventurer’s getaway; known over the years for being a fishing village nicknamed Tuff City, and has grown into one of Canada’s premiere destinations. Rustic in appearance with wild storms, crashing waves in the winter, and offering tranquil bays in the summer the beauty of Tofino is one of story books. Tofino is the end of the road; literally, there is a sign at the end of the Trans Canada Hwy here that says so – Mile Zero. It still boasts a certain amount of 'edge of the world' mentality but it has come a long way since its Tuff City days. Elegant hotels, amazing world class eateries such as The Pointe Restaurant and the newly acclaimed best restaurant The Wold in the Fog holds fort with long local and visitor favorite places such as SOBO and the Schooner….Tofino is in a class unto itself.

A township focused on tourism, there is a wide ranges of places to stay and enjoy, everything from the very high end to the rustic cabin by the sea. If you haven’t been to Tofino in a while, why not this summer? The drive can be as much a part of the trip as being there, but if a well, scenic but slightly nail biting mountain edge drive isn’t your cup of tea, an easy and quick flight gets you into town in an hour flat. It is a gorgeous way to see all Vancouver Islands gorgeous scenery, and one heck of a way to see the Gulf Islands in all their glory.
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No matter what your Spring and Summer plans hold, I hope you take time to discover our gorgeous province and get wet, take a zip trek ride, go beach combing, sip a cocktail, or simply get lost in it all. Happy travels.