market elevated

Townhome market options on Vancouver's North Shore are limited and furthermore, to specific North Vancouver and West Vancouver neighborhoods.

To digress for a moment, the difference between townhomes and apartments is that townhomes only 'common party walls' are on their sides whereas apartments (condominiums) can have 'common party walls' above, below as well as on their sides.

To help to better understand the limitations of the North Shore townhome market, approximately 11% of North Shore 2,030 residential sales in the first five months of 2015 were North Vancouver townhomes and 2% West Vancouver; 215 and 32 respectively.

Monthly townhome sale activity since February has exceeded the Monthly Ten Year Average for North Vancouver (28) and a bit for West Vancouver (4):

2015     NV     WV

To put North Shore townhome selection options into perspective, at the end of this May, approximately 6% of the 1,461 North Shore residential active listings were North Vancouver townhomes and 2% West Vancouver; 88 and 23 respectively.

Find below a handy, visual snapshot of the North Shore's West Vancouver and North Vancouver townhome market:

So as the numbers show, market elevated demand today is found with North Vancouver and West Vancouver townhomes, not unlike for North Shore detached homes as well as apartments!