'Up' cycle

Real estate market activity comes in cycles and as 2015 continues to unfold, all North Vancouver housing types, detached homes, apartments and townhomes are experiencing an 'up' cycle.

The past 5 months NV monthly apartment sale totals have almost doubled NV's Ten Year Monthly Sale Average of 77:
57 - January
94 - February
141 - March
109 - April
122 - May
122 - June

March's apartment sale total of 141 just missed topping March 2005's 144 which is the highest all time record for any month since 2005.  Next is June 2007's total of 127 followed by the past two recent months total 122 in May and 122 in June.

Conditions right now likely driving the North Vancouver apartment 'up' cycle are 
  • low interests, 
  • affordability and
  • North Vancouver being a highly desirable location!
While North Vancouver's apartments inventory has dropped (349 in June from 451 in May) from what's typical for this time of the year compared to previous years, it still continues to offer a diverse selection of apartment options, both new construction and resale at different price points.

June Apartment Inventory 
2015 - 349
2014 - 575
2013 - 510
2012 - 552
2011 - 452
2010 - 508

Check out the infographic to get a further quick grasp of the North Vancouver apartment activity the past six months: