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(September 01, 2015 )

I recently came across this article and thought it helpful for a home buyer...

"Buying a house shouldn't be like playing Russian roulette. You should know that you are making a smart investment." says Mike Holmes.  As a result he offers a list of important red-flag items to check for when buying a resale home:
  • Missing downspouts or downspouts that direct water to the roof or foundation; this could lead to leaks
  • Cracked brick, including around windows; it could mean moisture intrusion and rot
  • Poor grading; it could lead to leaks in the basement
  • Vertical foundation cracks; more than one could mean structural problems, such as a cracked footing
  • Trees next to the foundation; the roots could get into plumbing and interfere with proper water drainage around the house
  • Lights that flicker; that could mean something's wrong with the electrical
  • Missing insulation in the attic and/or exterior walls; this leads to higher energy bills and, potentially mould
  • Blocked soffit venting; this leads to poor air circulation and possibly mould
  • Mouse droppings and insect wings (it could mean termites)
  • Patch jobs on the walls and ceilings; it could mean there is or was a leak
  • A musty smell; could mean there's mould
Another thing homebuyers should ask to see is the permits from any jobs done on the house.

If you are looking at  house that's been renovated, you can go the municipality and find the permits on it.  If there are no permits that means either that they didn't hire a pro or they did the work themselves.  Either way, if they did know what they were doing, your stuck with the potential risk and the repair bill.

To read the full 'Mike Holmes' here
(Source of Photo and Text:National Post)

In the District of West Vancouver you can request information on any property from the Permits and Inspections Department.  This is know has a Comfort Letter and will provide details available on permits issued, date of occupancy, outstanding work orders, zoning information and Board of Variance applications.  A Comfort Letter does not include copies of records or house plans.  More here.

For the District of North here.

City of North here.

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