frothy market

(August 31, 2015, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

Demand from domestic buyers and those from countries such as Iran and China has accelerated the upward price trend of West Vancouver detached homes.

The MLS® Home Price Index composite benchmark price month average year-to-date for all West Vancouver detached homes is currently $2,221,100.  This represents a 11% and 100% increase compared to 2014's and 2005's HPI month average respectively.

It is imp... read more.

strength of today's market

(August 19, 2015)

The summer heat has not slowed home buyer demand!

Today's activity continues to benefit Sellers as home buyers compete for the homes available for sale.  REALTOR®'s registered 3, 978 sales in July.  This is up 30% compared to last year and is 33.5% above the 10 Year Average for the month.

Much of today's activity can be traced to 
  • strong consumer confidence,
  • low interest rates, and
  • a reduced supply of hom... read more.

popular choice

(August 12, 2015)

Strata living is a popular choice on Vancouver's North Shore.

Approximately 43% of North Shore residential sales year-to-date (end of July) were strata which includes apartments (condominiums) and townhomes.

Breaking down North Shore residential sale numbers further, almost 53% of North Vancouver's residential sale activity was strata compared to West Vancouver's 20%.

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divergent real estate markets

(August 09, 2015)

North Vancouver and West Vancouver commonalities include the North Shore mountainside ambience, a few minutes away from Vancouver's downtown and recreational adventures as well as desirable residential communities however their real estate markets are this time!

Last month: 
  • Over 40% of North Vancouver detached homes sold over their MLS® list price compared to 5% in West Vancouver.
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highly desirable

(August 05, 2015)

Housing market activity comes in cycles; Vancouver's North Shore, West Vancouver and North Vancouver are in an up cycle now.  There are a number of factors causing this cycle.

North Shore residential market conditions are being driven by 
  • low interest rates, declining supply of detached homes,
  • a growing population,
  • a provincial economy that's outperforming the rest of Canada,
  • pent-up demand from previous... read more.

stable, active and expensive

(August 03, 2015, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

While West Vancouver's home buyer and seller activity in the first seven months of 2015 created somewhat balanced market conditions, we also experienced some upward pressure on prices.

West Vancouver Sales-to-Active Listing Ratio (SAR) currently sits at
  • 0.16% for detached homes and has ranged between 0.11% to 0.23 % over the past seven months;
  • 0.10% for townhomes with a monthly range from 0.10% to 0... read more.

Have your 'ducks in a row'

(August 01, 2015, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

North Vancouver's residential market continues to see elevated demand from property buyers with gains in home values depending on the neighborhood and property type.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that in July, North Vancouver
  • Detached House sales totaled 117, down approximately -25% from June, up +6% from July 2014 and up +29% from the Ten Year Monthly Average of 91 deta... read more.