NOrth Vancouver joins million-dollar club

(January 16, 2015, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

North Vancouver joined the million-dollar club in 2014!

The median price - the point at which half the detached homes sold are above a price and the other half below - reached over a million dollars in North Vancouver monthly in 2014:
  • $1,142,500 in January,
  • $1,079,000 in February,
  • $1,059,000 in March,
  • $1,140,000 in April,
  • $1,010,000 in May,
  • $1,012,500 in June,
  • $1,102,900 in July,
  • $1,072,500 in August,
  • $1,10... read more.

west vancouver's 2-million dollar phenomenon

(January 16, 2015, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

$2,100,000 was the year-to-date (ytd), January to December 2014 median sale price for a West Vancouver detached home, $1,900,750 for 2013.

However, Vancouver West's $2,396,500 ytd detached home median sale price surpassed West Vancouver's $2,100,000.

The median price - the point at which half of the detached homes sold are above a price and the other half below - tipped over $2,000,000 in West Vanco... read more.

BC real estate ended in a high note

(January 15, 2015, posted in BC Market Update)

British Columbia Real Estate Association just released it's Housing Market Update January 2015 saying: 

"The year ended on a high note with residential MLS sales up +15% from a year ago and up 11% from November on a seasonally adjusted basis.  2014 marked the largest year over year increase in residential sales since the post-recession rebound of 2009.

Prior to that you need to look back to the 2001 a... read more.

what's your property worth?

(January 13, 2015, posted in Tips)

British Columbia (BC) property owners just received their 2015 assessment notices the first week of January from BC Assessment (BCA).

This assessment notice mailed to BC property owners is BCA's estimate of a property's value as of July 1, 2014 and for new construction or substantially renovated homes, the physical condition as of October 31, 2014.

A provincial Crown corporation, BCA is responsible... read more.

2014 a typical real estate year

(January 08, 2015)

2014 year end Housing Market Update video was just released by Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.  It says "statistically speaking it was a typical year for home buyer and seller activity in Metro Vancouver. Home sales and listing totals for the year both ranked as the fifth highest in the region in the last decade.

There were 33, 116 homes sold on our MLS® in 2014. That’s up 16% from 2013 and... read more.

residential oil tank

(January 06, 2015, posted in Tips)

Before the 1960’s many homes in West Vancouver and North Vancouver were heated by oil.  This oil was stored in metal tanks buried close to the foundation of homes.  Fuel tanks are no longer in use. While some of these underground storage tanks have been removed, many still remain buried on North Shore residential properties.

To learn how you can determine if you have an underground storage tank burie... read more.

Mortgage moments of 2014

(January 01, 2015, posted in Mortgage misc)

MoneyWise, an official news magazine of has rounded up the top 2014 mortgage events in a great infographic which starts with a short prelude...

"It's been an eventful year for the Canadian housing market with plenty of movement - and headlines - made within the mortgage industry. Fixed rates continued to hit record lows, while the price of real estate shot upward. Fears of a housing b... read more.