supply accumulating

(July 16, 2018, posted in North Vancouver Strata)

North Vancouver's (NV) townhome and apartment market sale activity  year-to-date has been holding in seller's territory.

The sales-to-active listings, over a sustained period of time determines the market:
Balanced Territory
A balanced market occurs when the sales-to-active listing ratio is between 12-19%. In a balanced market prices should rise in-line with the long term average of inflation.
Seller’s... read more.

seller market conditions wane or sustain?

(July 15, 2018, posted in North Vancouver Strata)

North Vancouver (NV) apartment market has sustained 'seller market conditions' month after month since February 2015!  

Recent MLS® stats indicate reduced demand and increasing apartment supply will seller market condition wane or sustain for the balance of the year?

Generally, analysts say that downward pressure on property prices occur when the ratio dips below the 12% mark for a sustained period, w... read more.

Market similarities & differences

(July 14, 2018, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

Real Estate Board of Vancouver statistics show market similarities between North Vancouver and West Vancouver detaches homes.  Both experiencing six months of declining sale numbers and increased number of homes listed for sale at the end of each month compared to 2017.

However at this time the sales-to-active listings ratio has sustained since the beginning of the year in 'balanced territory' for N... read more.


(July 13, 2018, posted in West Vancouver Strata)

West Vancouver's townhome market slowdown is not unlike what detached homes and apartments sale activity have experienced looking at Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) statistics year-to-date.

Sale and active listings for West Vancouver (WV) townhomes are limited in contrast to North Vancouver (NV).

REBGV breaks down both West and North Vancouver in 35 subareas.

65 Buyers in 2017 purchase... read more.

shift in the market

(July 12, 2018, posted in West Vancouver Strata)

Statistics from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver show that West Vancouver's apartment listings month after month trending up and sales declining, indicative of a shift in WV's apartment market.

The absorption rate, sales-to-active listing ratio for WV apartments has varied each month since the beginning of the year.

Generally, analyst say the sales-to-active listings, over a sustained peri... read more.

significant pullback in activity

(July 11, 2018, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

West Vancouver detached 2018 monthly home sales were well below each month in 2017. 

Year-to-date sales end of June were down 45% from 2017, a significant pullback in sale activity!  In addition, upon reviewing stats as far back as 1987 for the same time frame , 2018 YTD  sale activity totals came up the lowest!

Stats compiled by the Real Estate Board of Great Vancouver show West Vancouver's detached h... read more.

north shore real estate update

(July 03, 2018, posted in North Shore)

In West Vancouver, there were 33 sales in the month of June. The sales to new listings ratio was 18% which represents a buyer’s market. For June 2018, the sales to total active listings percentage was 5%, a decrease from 13% in June 2017. Sales for June 2018 were down by 31 units compared to June 2017. 

The West Vancouver listing inventory has increased by 22 homes compared to May 2018 and increased... read more.