Slow Fall market start

(September 18, 2014)

The number of North Shore properties that changed hands in Vancouver's North Shore, West Vancouver (WV) and North Vancouver (NV), during the first two weeks of September is less compared to last year:
  • down -56% for North Vancouver detached (houses), -40.5% for NV attached (strata),
  • down -46% for West Vancouver detached and -33% for attached.

Though the past two weeks has been one of the weakest Sept... read more.

eschew earthquake insurance?

(September 17, 2014, posted in Tips)

If an earthquake happens tomorrow (knock on wood) and your house is damaged by the shaking and quaking, who do you think covers the cost of the damage?

If you’re like the 56 per cent of Canadians polled in a recent survey by Square One — a Vancouver-based insurance company — you might think the government is footing the bill. Wrong. Unless you have earthquake coverage on your home insurance policy... read more.

prices continue to elevate

(September 12, 2014, posted in West Vancouver Homes)

West Vancouver's July and August dip in home sales was not unexpected as sales are generally slower in the summer months:

  • 41 resale (& 3 new) homes in January
  • 59 (4) in February,
  • 60, (2) in March,
  • 76 (1) in April,
  • 80 (2) in May,
  • 88 (6) in June,
  • 69 (1) in July and
  • 70 (2) in August.
However the sale numbers for the first eights months of the year is greater that we seen for the past decade except for 2011's... read more.

modest, incremental gains

(September 11, 2014, posted in North Vancouver Homes)

The number of North Vancouver detached home sales recorded the first eight months of the year is running ahead of the past ten years and up +15.9% for resale homes and +83% for new homes compared to the same period in 2013.

In addition North Vancouver neighborhoods continue to experience modest, incremental price gains.

Monthly Median* Sale Price for Resale (& New) Homes:

A vital part of purchase

(September 10, 2014, posted in Tips)

An important part of any major purchase is doing your homework, and in a real estate transaction that includes important elements like home inspections.

“I always think of this way,” explained Paul Macris, a real estate agent with Holmes Realty in Sidney.

“If you’re about to make one of the biggest, if not the biggest, purchase of your life, you want to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. It’s... read more.

investing?  thinking ahead!

(September 09, 2014, posted in Tips)

...Done right, investors stand to reap big rewards over the long haul, industry experts say. But property investment can also come at a heavy price to those who aren’t prepared to learn the market and do the less-than glamorous work of a landlord.

If talk about housing bubbles gives you ulcers, or you aren’t willing to answer the phone at 2 a.m. when the tenants call to tell you the pipes have burs... read more.

interest rate rise?

(September 04, 2014, posted in Mortgage misc)

Why the Bank of Canada will keep interest rates low

On September 3, the Bank of Canada announced that it was holding its trend-setting overnight lending rate at one per cent. The overnight rate has not moved in four years. It’s likely that it will remain where it is for some time yet. Why?

  1. Inflation is on target – Inflation recently increased and is tracking close to the Bank’s two per cent target... read more.

August 2014 market update

(September 03, 2014)