Vacation home considerations

(July 15, 2015, posted in Recreational Properties)

If you are thinking of buying a BC vacation property here are some things to be aware of.

provincial property transfer tax
The Property Transfer Tax (PTT) is charged whether you buy undeveloped land, a second home, a strata property or fractional ownership.

Even if you have never owned a home before, you won't qualify for the First Time Home Buyers' Exemption Program because the home isn't your princ... read more.

Recreational properties

(June 25, 2014, posted in Recreational Properties)

Recreational property sales and listings have rebounded across most of Canada according to a RE/MAX Recreational Property Report just released.

National Trends

While there are nuances and specific attractions that define local markets across the country, a number of broad national trends have been observed.

Buyer Profiles

Two groups of buyers are driving the majority of recreational property sales in... read more.